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Starting with release 0.6.0, prebuilt binaries for YDK-Cpp are now part of the Artifact Repository. This means a dramatically simpler installation experience.  Instead of downloading/cloning the YDK-Cpp code, building the libraries from source code a...

abhirame by Cisco Employee
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Both ydk-gen and ydk-py have been updated at github.Here is a list of features that have gone into the release:2017-08-01 version 0.6.0PythonIntroduced new YDK python core package using pybind11 to wrap around YDK C++ core(#507)Introduced ydk.path mo...

abhirame by Cisco Employee
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Both ydk-gen and ydk-cpp have been updated at github.Here is a list of features that have gone into the release:Renamed some of the methods in path API to be verbs like DataNode::get_schema() instead of nouns like DataNode::schema() (#498)Add option ...

abhirame by Cisco Employee
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Hi Team,I am not able to find proper documentation to find all the bpf filter options available apart from the generic usage of packet capture api. provide the f...

Hi Team,I've observed that when we enable the service mode prior to packet capture, we're not able to start the traffic in normal mode unless we force start the ports for inducing the traffic.>>> rs = t.set_service_mode(ports = 1, enabled=True)>>> ca...

Hi, I'm looking to get detail of a BGP prefix on IOS-XR router using netconf/yang similar to what the CLI "show bgp" achieves. So far I can't do that.If I use the filter below<bgp xmlns=""...

thanhuwng by Beginner
  • 3 replies
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How to retrieve the interface configuration??I saw the "", the process is just "pass"def process_interface_configurations(interface_configurations):    """Process data in interface_configurations object."""    passI trie...

yitung by Cisco Employee
  • 18 replies
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Hi developers     Here is my script to create a bgp neighbor , How can I  remove the neighbor then?  I tried to def config_bgp(bgp):    """Add config data to bgp object."""    # global configuration    instance = bgp.Instance()    instance.instance_n...

Resolved! bgp_oper error

  Hi, want to READ just extended communites and networks from bgp_oper model. Nothing more. But I face some problem with vrf.vrf_name = READ() object. It works for one VRF if I put the name explicitly but it doesnt work with READ() object. Can you pl...

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