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Hi,We have integrated next topology in Prime UI WAP3.1.We have a requirement where, we can remember the placement of icons displayed even if we move from one page to another.For now, we are calling API which returns us the x,y co-ordinates of the ico...

ssamel by Beginner
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Hi,how to bind select tag with model?This does not work: {    tag: 'select',    value: '{#model.selectedItem}',    content: [        {            tag: 'option',            content: 'item_1',            props: {                value: 'item_1',        ... by Beginner
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hello,I have few problems, after hours still don't know how to solve them.First, how to use ObservableDictionary? When I thy to insert key:value pairs to dict, there is only one key and one value in dict.this.myData(new by Beginner
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Hi,I need to change the styles of the popovers and tooltips in next, specifically the z-index and width settings. For example. I have a link tooltip which I can't see because it appears underneath another element on my page.  I need to increase the z...