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Bulk-enabling users for the Office 365 Messaging Service

Level 1
Level 1

Is it possible to bulk-assign the Office 365 Messaging Service for Unity users after they are migrated to Office 365 from our on-premises Exchange environment instead of manually going into the Cisco Unity Connection Administration tool and performing these steps?


4.1) Edit the user account in the Cisco Unity Connection Administration

4.2) From the Edit drop-down menu, select Unified Messaging Accounts

4.3) Click Add New

4.4) Select the Office 365 messaging service you created

4.5) Have it use the corporate email address unless it doesn't actually match the email address for the user on Office 365.

4.6) Save


I am hoping something can be done with the Bulk Administration Tool.... :).

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George Thomas
Level 10
Level 10

Yep its possible with BAT, i would export the users out. Modify the CSV to only reflect the users that you need, and make sure you have the 'serviceDisplayName' column populated and use the CSV to update it. The BAT column names can be found here:

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Thank you for the quick reply George; I will pass that along to the appropriate people and give that a shot!