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Cannot Call Public Numbers from Exchange UM



I configured Exchange UM 2010 with Callmanager 8.6 all services are working fine except when i tried to call national or mobile numbers i cannot but when i tried to call internal extension number it's working fine, is there any configuration must be on voice gateway also or what?

Please help me.

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I am also facing a problem like this. But the difference is I can call any extention internally and I am also able to call outside too. But when somebody from calling to our number, they can receive the auto attendant and after entering the extention there is no response afer that. I checked the logs on Exchange UM server, I cannot see any errors as well. Also I am able to see the logs which shows the call details including the call has been forwarded to the extention.

We checked everything, but until now no problem found. Anybody knows whats the problem may be?

download the below file and check the setting

Are you did any configuration to make you able tp call outside?

In fact, it was working fine before 2 days. Since yesterday this problem started.

Also i see this event in Exchange UM Server

An outbound call to sip: ;user=phone couldn't be established. The selected outbound gateway "(Callmanager 10.0.0.XX:5060 outbound=True secured=False)" returned the error "A response was received from the network that failed the operation. See the message received for more information.". The caller ID used for this call was 'sip:1001@ExchangeUM.Test.LOCAL;user=phone'. Contact the vendors who support your VoIP gateway and IP PBX hardware for help troubleshooting the SIP response error code specified in the event description. You can also run diagnostic tests on your VoIP gateway or IP PBX hardware to make sure the devices are operational. Additional information: A response was received from the network that failed the operation. See the message received for more information.

when I replaced exchange um with cisco unity there is no issue, everything is working fine. So, I dont think its problem from VoIP gateway

could you tell me the configuration that you are did to call outside numbers like mobile or national numbers?

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