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Cisco 8800 Navigation button change 12.1(1) - enhancement

Minh TD

Hey everybody


I've recently opened a TAC Case for an enhancement request as we just did the upgrade form 12.0(1) to 12.5(1)SR2 and managers complained with a closed user test group before rolling out.

According to the BU it seems the 7800 and 8800 series had been aligned with the behavior of Up Call History and Down Speed dial settings in 12.1(1)


Speed Dial and Navigation Enhancements

You can use your phone to configure a programmable line key as a speed-dial button, if you cannot access the Self Care Portal. This method is quick way to add a favorite phone number as a speed-dial to your phone.

You can also edit or delete any speed-dial button created from your phone. But you cannot use your phone to edit or delete a speed-dial button created from the Self Care portal or from Cisco Unified Communications Manager.
In addition to being supported on the Cisco IP Phones 8800 Series, this method of adding speed-dial buttons is supported on the following key expansion modules:

Cisco IP Phone 8800 Key Expansion Module

Cisco IP Phone 8851/8861 Key Expansion Module

Cisco IP Phone 8865 Key Expansion Module

Accessing your speed-dial numbers has also been made easier. Simply press the Navigation down button from an idle screen to view and call one of your favorite phone numbers. This enhancement only applies to speed-dial numbers added from the Self Care portal, or from the Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

You can also use the Navigation cluster to see your call history. Press the Navigation up key when in an idle screen and a list of your recent calls is displayed.


As managers complained that they pressed the down button to get to the "new call" which has a timeout and closes automatically but neither call history nor speed dial settings have the same behavior and they accidentally now open speed dial I was requesting an enhancement to make those buttons configurable that all 5 options can be used (up, down, left, right, middle) in idle state like on the 8821 - which is not aligned. 


BU already answered that they are not going to revert the change on the 8800 for the navigation options - understandable -but nobody says anything about moving forward.


All buttons should be configurable in CUCM and pushed down with the config file according to us, which action is associated with each direction (left, right, up, down, middle) with some options to choose:


Left  - missed calls

Right - speed dials

down - new call

up - call history

middle - service URL


Available options to associate should be at least the following:

- new Call

- missed calls

- speed dials

- Service URL

- call history / recent


With that we get more out of the available options of the buttons and i could revert the hardcoded change in 12.1(1) only for our managers.


Now the question: 

Is anybody out there experiencing the same and would support such an enhancement request (CSCvp40066)

The TAC engineer filed the details of the enhancement wrong and the text should be fixed within the next 24h, but maybe already to start the discussion.


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As Minh noted this would be extremely helpful if this would be something we could configure as needed. Minh noted "All buttons should be configurable in CUCM and pushed down with the config file" which is an enhancement request that would be extremely helpful.


Zack Stanek

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