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Cisco CUBE configuration and debugging with MS Teams Integration.

Michael Martin
Level 1
Level 1

I am working with a Customer that is looking to add MS Teams voice using a CUBE.

Interface GI0/0/0 - Inside interface to CUCM - voice environment

Interface GI0/0/1- Interface to MS Teams

Interface GI0/0/2 - Interface to ITSP

TLS is Active and a call from MS Teams works out the carrier, but inbound fails.

We see the inbound call into the CUBE with the correct dial peer, and we see a reference to the outbound dial peer to MS Teams, but we never see the outbound messaging to MS Teams. I understand this is due to TLS and the communication being secure.

Is there any trouble shooting tricks for TLS.

We have enabled:

debug ccsip calls

degug ccsip messages

debug voip ccapi inout

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Even with TLS you should be able to see the signalling dialogue on the gateway. Your call scenario isn’t quite clear. Would you mind to please elaborate somewhat on it to make it clearer?

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