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Cisco UCM IM and Presence 9.0 Syncing not working

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I'm having a few problems with our Cisco UCM IM and Presence 9.0 environment in terms of syncing.  Here are the issues:

On the IM&P server under end users I see all my users listed on our Cisco UCM 9 cluster.  But the end user accounts show they are "UNASSIGNED".

On Cisco UCM, I created a UC profile and a Service Profile listing the IM&P server.  And yes I configured the SIP trunk and configured the Presence Gateway.

Once I apply the service profile to an end user in Cisco UCM I need to restart the "Cisco Sync Agent" on the IM&P server.  Doing that will sync with the user in the IM&P server and will become assigned.  After that point everything works in terms of presence and logging in with the Jabber client. So why isn't this sync happening automatically?  And what can I do to sync between them.

Also, when I go to "CUCM Publisher Configuration" the Sync status shows "Sync Completed, but currently failed to connect to the CUCM Database Monitor. Retrying..."

I seen a few posts with earlier versions of CUPS and some people say reboot the CUCM and IM&P servers.  I done that, but the problem returns.  Actually restarting the "Cisco Sync Agent" also solves the problem, but again it doesn't sync automatically with CUCM and the error eventually returns.

There doesn't seem to be a lot of postings about Cisco UCM IM&P, so any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!


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any ideas or info?


Hello Rya,

I had the same issue, i solved it changing the LDAP authentication port on CUCM, from 389 to 3268.

(CUCM>System>LDAP>LDAP Authentication)

Hope this helps, bye


Changing the port on the LDAP uc service profiles to 3268 fixed my sync issue.