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Connection User import from CUCM vs. LDAP

Douglas Oman
Level 1
Level 1

Hey all,

I currently am running CUCM & Connection 8.6 using LDAP integration. I am considering changing new connection users over to be imported from CUCM due to the ease of creating account for my guys who do MACDs. During testing I did find that users imported from CUCM can not authenticate to the users webpage in connection. I have done some digging, but it hasn't turned up anything. Do any of you guys have suggestions or a good reason to stick with LDAP vs CUCM integration.

Thanks in advanced,


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Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Hi Doug,

You would be seeing this difference in the two "Import" methods;

When you integrate Connection with an LDAP directory, you can configure Connection to

authenticate passwords for web applications against the LDAP database. When you import data

from Cisco Unified CM, you must maintain passwords for Connection web applications in

Connection and maintain passwords for Cisco Unified CM web applications in Cisco Unified CM.

So, if you want to use the "Import" from CUCM you would just set a default

web access password at the Unity Connection Template level Either method

works and has pros/cons.



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