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CUC Auto Attendent Personal Greeting Issue - plays part of System Gretting.


I am on 10.5(2).   I have several AA defined and in use.   This one just me stumped.  We recorded a Personal Greeting for a DN to notify callers that a facility (Site A) has merged into Site B.  The AA then xfers the call to the existing AA of the other facility (Site B).

So I took the Site B DN off the phone and created a CTI Route point and "attached" the DN to it.  Call Forward all to Voicemail.   In CUC, created the new Call Handler and assigned it to Site B DN.   Uploaded the custom (personal greeting) to the Standard Greeting and checked My Personal Greeting under Callers Hear section.   Verified the recording.

When the DN is called, I get what sounds like a standard Voicemail box greeting --- the prefix of the System Greeting ("Sorry"), then the Personal Greeting I recorded / uploaded, then the ending part of the System Greeting ("is not available").  Then the call is dumped to the Site A's AA.  

All I want to hear is JUST the Personal Greeting that I have uploaded -- not any of the rest of the stuff.

I have tried a few variations but no luck.



Thx -- Perry


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Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee Hall of Fame Cisco Employee
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

That sounds like you did not upload that as a greeting, but you uploaded that as the recorded name. That's why you hear that, it's supposed to be sorry, john doe, is not available...

If instead of the name you upload a greeting, you get your scenario 



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