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CUCM 12.5 - BAT Scheduling with Job End Time Errors

Aaron Smith

I've got an issue on multiple CUCM 12.5 clusters (all running System version:


When scheduling a recurring Export I cannot set a Job End Time. I get an error: "The date/time you selected is invalid. Please correct the date/time value."

Even after setting a valid date/time the Job End Time reverts to "-/-/-" after clicking Save.


Procedure to recreate:
Create an Export Job, select "Run Later," and then click Submit.
Go to Bulk Admin -> Job Scheduler, and select the job just created.
Change the Frequency to "Weekly" and the Job End Time field becomes available.
- though the same error occurs on regardless of what's selected here
Any selection inside Job End Time immediately comes back with a popup saying "The date/time you selected is invalid. Please correct the date/time value."
Set a valid Month, valid Day, valid Year, and type in a valid Time and you'll get the same popup after ever drop down. Click Save and only the Time will remain in the box, everything else goes back to "-/-/-"


I've tested with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Internet Explorer, so I'm fairly sure it's not browser side.

It seems like its a validation of the Date in the Job End Time field, though if you set the date in the past it does give the correct error code "Jobs cannot have an end time before submit date time -please select an appropriate date and time."


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