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CUCM Publisher database stuck on Initializing



I've upgraded a Call Manager cluster in my lab from 11.5.1 to 14 (SU3). This is a simple cluster of 3 nodes. This is a classified gov't system so I'm unable to post screenshots. I apologize for that. I also do not have access to RTMT.

The Publisher database has been stuck on Initializing for 10 hours. Running the DB status report in the GUI shows NO errors except that the number of replicates does not match, because the Publisher database is still initializing. The Subscribers show identical numbers of replicates. There is good connectivity between all 3 nodes in the cluster.

I have used this troubleshooting guide:  Troubleshoot CUCM Database Replication Issues - Cisco

The output of "utils dbreplication runtimestate" is:

  • all pings well under 80ms
  • repl. queue: 0 on all nodes
  • replication group ID (g_2, g_3, g_4)
  • replication setup: Publisher- (0) Setup Completed, Subscriber 1&2- (-) Out of Sync
  • Sync result: SYNC COMPLETED on 754 tables out of 754
  • Sync status: All Tables are in sync
  • DB version: ccm14_0_1_13900_155
  • Repl timeout: 300s
  • PROCESS option set to 1
  • Broadcast sync ended at: 2023)-06-05-19-19

The output of utils diagnose test is:

  • all tests passed with the exception of the tests stating "run directly and off hours." I have not yet completed these.

The output of utils dbreplication status is pending as the command is still in progress.

Is there a gentle way of getting the Publisher database to initialize or getting all 3 nodes back in sync?

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The output of utils dbreplication status is:

  • checked 754 tables out of 754 tables No Errors os Mismatches found.

SERVER                                             ID        STATE            STATUS        QUEUE         CONNECTION       CHANGED

g_2_ccm14_0_1_13900_155          2          Active              Local               0

g_3_ccm14_0_1_13900_155          3          Active             Connected      148        Jun 5 18:27:19

g_4_ccm14_0_1_13900_155          4          Active             Connected      148        Jun 5 16:54:43    


I have now run the standard set of commands for resetting the database from scratch. The process just completed and <utils dbreplication runstimestate> has returned the same results: 

  • Publisher: (0) Setup Completed
  • Subscribers: (-) Out Of Sync

Hi, I see you got no feedback on this post. I'm running into the same issue during upgrade from 11.5 to 14 and neither TAC nor Cisco Advances Services have had any useful guidance for us. Were you ever able to resolve the database replication after the upgrade?

Hi TLC910,

It turns out that my problem was that several of the certificates in my lab
Call Manager had expired. I went through each node and updated/recreated
them until everything was within periodicity. The upgrade proceeded
normally on the next attempt.

This is actually mentioned in the Installation Guide as a pre-installation

Appreciate that!


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