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CUE upload users voicemail greetings.

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I am working with an NM-CUE 3.1.1 and was wondering if there was a way to upload user voicemail greetings. I know you can upload prompts for scripts but this is not what I want to accomplish. The issue is we use a Generic voicemail greeting for the operator at all sites and instead of recording each site one by one. It would be nice to record this once and just upload it as the operator's voicemail greeting.


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You can upload the voicemail greeting or prompt file using the ccn copy url command in Cisco Unity Express EXEC mode:

ccn copy url source-ip-address prompt prompt-filename


se-10-0-0-0# ccn copy url prompt AAprompt1.wav

se-10-0-0-0# ccn copy url prompt AAgreeting.wav

This command is equivalent to using the GUI option Voice Mail > Prompts and selecting Upload.

An error message appears if you try to upload more than the maximum number of prompts allowed on your Cisco Unity Express module.

My question would by how would I set one of those .wav files as a voicemail greeting. I know how to use it as a prompt for a script, but I need to set it as a voicemail greeting.

Thanks for the help!

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Did you ever get an answer to your  post?   I'm looking for the same thing and have had a hard time finding anything through search.

You can use CUE "web access" (not normal GUI) interface to upload voicemail custom greeting.

Thanks Paolo.  I was able to locate where to upload the greetings as you suggested. 

The only issue I ran into is that it would not allow me to upload a greeting to the "standard" greeting slot or even the "closed" greeting slot.  The "upload" option was greyed out on those and was only allowing me to upload to the "alternate" greeting.  Is this normal? or is it possible that it is this way because I had already recorded a custom message in the standard and closed slot (using the phone interface).  I couldn't figure out how to delete the previously recorded greeting.  The only options available to me was to either edit (or re-record) the existing message, turn on the system message, or play nothing.  No delete existing custom message.

For right now I've just uploaded the custom produced greetings to the "alternate" greeting slot and enabled that message to play on the mailbox, but I would really rather have them as the "standard" message to avoid having the alternate message accidentally turned off by someone checking messages each day.

Any ideas?

Thanks for any help you can offer on this.

Hope the table mentioned in the manage greetings section in the document comes handy for you.

You can enable/ disable greetings that you dont need.

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These guys do it all. They have a voice-over service (including writing the greeting script) and transfer the greeting to your phone in super high quality. I couldn't find anything better online anywhere. okcvideoproduction(dot)com/record-high-quality-voicemail-greeting

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