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CUPC unable to connect to network

Jesus Sanchez


When i try to log in into CUPC i get the following error message "Unable to connect to network".

I already read the Troubleshooting info where says to ensure that the following services are running:

  • Cisco UP XCP Authentication Service

  • Cisco UP XCP Connection Manager

  • I already checked on those services and are up and running.

    Also, another solution that i found on other posts was to upgrade Server and Client to the latest versions, which I already have. As far I already have the latests versions:



    I already restarted the server several times, but I cannot make it work.

    Does anyone knows how to solve the problem?


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    Cisco Employee
    Cisco Employee


    Have you checked for any built-in firewall on the client PC that might prevent the connection?What

    port are you using in the LDAP Server Page Application-->CUPC-->LDAP Server-->Click on the Server? 

    Check to see if there's any device blocking this port.

    Please check if you have any spaces or special characters on the username:

    CSCth83141  CUPC  8 login fails for some users

    User login fails for some users in CUPC 8.

    the user name contains spaces or long names

    remove the spaces




    Regards, Tere. If you find this post helpful, please rate! :)

    in my case it is not a problem. My users have names such as: "jsanchez" for myself.

    I've read in another posts that long names could be also an issue, but, they are not long names.

    I already upgraded to a newer version of the server (8.0.3) and still not working.

    I installed an older client (ver 7) to tests and see servers status and all seems fine... everything is working OK with the older clients.

    So... any other ideas?? :s

    Hi Jesus,

      I have the same problem, any updated news?

    Ok, i got it fixed, but i dont know if you have it configured the same way i had...

    I was referencing to the CUCM and the AD with their IP address, when i change it to their hotsnames it got fixed. I really dont know why if it should be easier for it to find it by their IP address than search for them on the DNS.

    Ensure also you are using the latest release of the CUPS.

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