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Does Cisco Prime Collaboration have multi-tenancy?

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I was looking at the Cisco Prime Unifed Operations Manager which has multi-tenancy which is an attractive feature for MSPs.  Where does Collaboration stand on this?

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Hi Faiz,

Operations Manager does support multi-customer filters as does SM and SSM.  We have not added that capability yet to Prime Collaboration.  The roadmap is to support multi-customer for video in Prime Collaboration Assurance 9.5, shipping in July, and multi-customer for voice (being called MSP support) in PC 10.1, planned for March 2014.

Jim Whitten

Product Manager, PC

Thank you. Then would it be valid to say that the UOM and USM would be the optimal option for MSPs and afterwards it would be a upgrade process to PC 10.1?  

Also, do you know if the UOM and USM will be continued to be developed?  Whats the EOL for the product before Cisco stops supporting?

Yes, MSP support for Assurance is in 10.1.  Prime UCMS (ON, SM, SSM and PM) and Prime Collaboration Manager will end of Sale in July 2013 for Enterprise markets, but will continue to be offered for HCS solutions.

A link to the End of Life milestones are provided on the product web sites under End of Life / End of Sale notices at the bottom of the web page.