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Forwarding external inbound calls to a cell phone shows wrong country

David Graham

I have an interesting issue which I am trying to work around. Our setup is the following:

Internal extension: 2331

DID: 6305552331

We have to dial 9 for an external call from our Cisco phones. So, to make this easier to just press Dial on missed calls and such, we have external inbound calls automatically prepend the 9. So, if someone calls my number in the US from a US number, the number 16305550000 shows as 916305550000. This seems fairly normal to do and all works well.

If I want my desk phone to forward all calls to my cell phone, I need to enter the number 916305550001. Internal calls to my 4-digit extension transfer to my cell phone and I see the 10 digit number.

Now the tricky one. Inbound calls getting routed to my cell phone. When this happens, the number that shows on my cell phone is the same number that shows on my desk phone, which is 916305550000. Since the country dialing code for India is 91, the calls on my cell phone show as coming rom India. This also makes it so you cannot just press a button to call people back as it will try to dial incorrectly.

So, I am trying to find a way to not have the phone calls show as coming from India. Someway to make it so that when forwarding an external inbound call will remove that prepended 9.

Does the above make any sense and can anyone think of a way to do this? I am trying to figure out a way to fix this and was wondering if you all have any insight.


David Graham

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Manish Gogna
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi David,

One of the options that can be explored is to use translation rules on the gateway that sends the call to your cellphone after it has been forwarded by cucm. The translation rule / profile to remove the prefix from calling party can be applied to the dial-peer that points to your cell/pstn , however it will depend on whether the destination patterns are overlapping in the dial plan configured on gateway.


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