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Is there a way to make the idle timeout redirect to the Main Phone Screen in CUCM?


I am hoping that there is some way to be able to have an idle timeout redirect the Cisco Phone to display the Main Phone Screen. I currently have the home screen set to Line View, but I want to have a idle timeout redirect to the Main Phone Screen if possible.

Thank you

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


Can you please elaborate on this, what do you mean by 'main phone screen' ? Are you using Extension Mobility and want to disconnect the user? in such case point the idle timeout to the EM URL

If this is not what you are looking for please elaborate.

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Christian Nuche


I am not using Mobility. I will elaborate on what I am looking for. When you configure a Phone Device the last option is to configure the Home Screen. There are two option: Line View and Main Phone Screen. I would like my idle timeout to be able to redirect the phone to either one of those screens if possible. So when our users accidently leave a service running on their phone after X seconds it will automatically take them to the home screen automatically without them hitting any buttons on the Cisco phone.

Does that make more sense? I added a screenshot of the Device Setup.

I would use the HTTP refresh header for the timeout you want (assuming you aren't already doing some type of refresh in your application - in which case you will need to note the initial load time and do the calculation of when it is time to return to the main screen) on your service and see if the phone will process Init:Services as the URI destination (I've never attempted to use Init:Services in this method only as a user initiated function like a SoftKey so it may not work and it may be very IP Phone firmware version dependent.)

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