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Meeting place express starting ...

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hi guys,

i have installed meeting place express this is my first installtion in life ....after completing the installation i am confuse that from where should i continue its configuration .. i went through the Meeting place express configuration guide but i didnt figure it out that from where should i start configuration .. should i integrate meeting place express with CCM first or what should i do ... more over can any one tell me that where in network this box should be installed and how users will get integrate with it ....

sory for ask such a type of silly and basic question,its my first installaion and i am confused for start of further configuration ..... please help me out and guide me to complete its configuration ...


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Level 1

Meetingplace can be a bear to get going. Once you get the application installed you use the web site to configure it. You will need two LAN connections. One for admin and one for the conference. Go to Ciscos web site and get the install manual. It will explain everthing you need to know. You could have picked an easier one to start with.

Hi all

i have integrate MPX with CCM .. in guide integration test is via to make call from ip phone to MPX number and you should hear MPX Greeting my case whn i call it shows me that call is connected to MPX or its number but i m not able to hear Welcome Greeting !!!

any idea or solution ???

and also once the integration will finish after that how i need to configure users for conference !!! or what will be the first step for configure extension as member of conference !!!

thanks in advance