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Meeting Place ver 6.0 External Web Server Join meeting Page issue


<p>I have hosted an External Web Server (DMZ) where i am not able to join the meeting for external participants . I get all meeting info which has been schedule for external parties and i get all meeting information as well. When i select on Join meeting and click on connect tab the page opens and says checking browser and gives me an error page. internal parties can join the same meeting with out any problem</p>

<p>     I have noticed that when the external participants click on the Test browser on the meeting place URL on top of the browser in shows the private IP Address of the external web server insted of the URL . There is no seperate DNS segment in the DMZ .its the local host file has been edited and entered the local IP Address of the External Web server against the URL but still on the test browser it displays the IP Address of the external web server.</p>

<p>Conserns:Is it mandatory that it should have seperate DNS segment in the DMZ</p>

<p>                    On the Web server we have two IP Address is it require that  we should NAT both the IP pointed to the two diffrent Public IPs . please do reply what could be the reason for this  Thanks</p>

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I have got the fix for this its a bug on Flash ver-10 which can be fixed my overwriting few files in all the web server which i have done and its working fine bug ID CSCsr58977

Hmm.. will it work on MeetingPlace 7.x? We have the same problem, that meetingplace is giving to outside it's private IP adress, when joining the conference.

Using NAT.

I think that bug is for the Flash problem, not for the NAT issue.

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