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Migrating from unity 5.x to Exchange 2007 UM Issue

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Level 1

Since its now almost impossible to get unity licences, we are moving from Unity and moving over to exchange 2007, 2010 Unified messaging. I have my exchange setup working great for extension to extension calls (i.e.  call 1999 to get Exchange UM from ext 3000) or (call from 3001 to 3000 and get the Voicemail Auto attendent)

This issue I am having is when a number from the outside calls in, to the DID of extention 3000 it still goes to Unity and not Exchange UM...

Im sure its a simple setting, but after 5hrs of not figuring it out. I would like your help with it.. Any Ideas on what i'm missing?  Why would it work for extension to extension calls, but not for inbound external calls.



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Rob Huffman
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Hall of Fame

Hi Eric,

It almost sounds like an issue with the Voicemail Profile config on the

CUCM. There is a good section on the requirements in the attached doc



"Show a little faith, there's magic in the night" - Springsteen

I actually used that doc to setup and get it working... Everything works great from phone to phone, but external to phone does not... still goes to unity, but internal goest to Exchange UM.... Is it possible to have a hybrid setup of Unity 5 and Exchange UM?  I need to migrate people over slowly... But for some reason, all external calls that need to got VM use Unity and not Exchange UM.  Maybe something with Partitons or search spaces?  I'll give a little more info on how we have our setup.

External call come in to example 480-555-1234. we translate that to ext 1234 but when we push idivert or wait for the call to hit VM, it goes to unity...

If we call from extension 4321 to 1234 and press idivert or wait for the call to hit VM, it goes to exchange UM.  Very weird..  I guess I dont totally understand the call flow when the call come from an external number.

Level 1
Level 1

Okay I figued it out!  Holy crap that was crazy.  something so crazy... A reboot.  yup a reboot.  I noticed some major issues even with other numbers... Call forwarding no longer work when you changed the number to forward to.. Like the console was not taking any of my changes... I had about 212 days of uptime on the server, and decided to do a reboot of the publisher, and bam! after the reboot, everything started working.