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NICE to Cisco BE6000

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Hi all,

I have a problem, I need to recording all my calls (50 seats on CCX) and i have a BE6000.

I have heard to NICE... ¿somebody knows what i need to purchase?



how can i to order it in the CCW?

Sorry about if i made them many questions


Rolando Ruiz

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Level 1


have a look to our recording suite MidaRec.

Mida Rec is a module of eFramework, a linux based virtual appliance distributed as preinstalled OVA, therefore I think this is what you are looking for!

Mida Rec performs voice recording of telephony conversations in both TDM and VoIP networks. Mida Rec features reliable and efficient storage systems, with high performance compression and ciphering algorithms,  and  quick and secure search processes, thanks to call tagging with telephony and specific data information (both CTI and custom).

It’s supports active recording (3-rd party call conferences), BiB and sniffing through SPAN port .

See details here.

MidaRec can be placed in co-residency  with CUCM on BE6000 or UCS or any vmware platform and the vApp requirements are by far lower than any windows server machine.

Mida Solution is a Cisco Preferred Solution Developer and the eFramework suite offers a large set of applications on the same virtual appliance, including queue manager, billing, fax server, etc.

Feel free to contact us at for further info.

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