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ODBC Access to CUCM and CCX

Haydn Andrews

Just wondering if anyone has been able to get ODBC access into CUCM 9.1 and CCX 9.0?

We are trying to determine if read only ODBC access into our CUCM, and CCX Servers is aloud.

We are trying to utilise Informix ODBC to gather information from the server’s database for CDR and other reporting.

I am trying to find the following information




Database Name

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CUCM = Not possible

CCX = Possible but with support implications

For CUCM you cannot connect over ODBC; however, you can execute SQL queries via the AXL API. CCX allows a read-only ODBC connection for two purposes (officially):

  • Designing - not executing - custom reports in Crystal or CUIC Premium. The support limitation here is that you're only supposed to use it when creating the report for testing/validation. Real-life queries that will place an I/O load on Informix are expected to run within the HRC or CUIC UIs which both have throttling mechanism built in.
  • Wallboards to read from two tables which are updated every 10 seconds with a snapshot from the in-memory state. Publishing data to these tables must be turned on under the Tools menu of /appadmin. Only these two [psuedo] real-time tables provide up-to-date information; every other table may be up to 30 minutes delayed write.

While the wallboard user only has access to those two tables, the uccxhruser account can query any table. It can also create stored procedures but not insert/update/drop data on the tables themselves. Beyond these limits, the product will not impose any limits on what you do, including I/O throttling. TAC may tell you to take a hike if you start having problems and you are making database calls in an unsupported fashion.

The connection details are outlined in the Cisco Unified Contact Center Express 8.5(1) Historical Reporting Administrator and Developer Guide

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Thanks for that Jonathan,

Any idea if i can us the AXL API for CUCM as well?

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