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Polycom Soundstation IP 7000 Registration Issues

Zach S

Hello All,

I've posted this before, and thought I had it resolved, but I'm back to pulling my hair out at trying to get a Soundstation IP 7000 to register with my call manager.

Here are the cliff notes:
-CUCM Version 8.6
-Polycom Firmware 4.0.4 (the highest revision mentioned in their guide for CUCM)
-The polycom can ping the CUCM Sub and Pub
-There is no syslog message on the CUCM of the Polycom trying to register

I've attached screen shots of everything that I believe to be relevant, if anyone out there has an idea of what might be going I would greatly appreciate the input. I have not yet resorted to traffic analysis with WireShark. I've got some notes on the images of the Polycom screens.

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Brandon Pierce

Hmm....shouldn't the owner user ID on the device be assigned?  It's been awhile since I did third party SIP but I can almost guarantee that needed to be assigned as well as the line since the device itself is what registers not the line.

Hi Brandon.

No you don't need to specify Owner because the digest user field is used to authenticate the phone against the CUCM. (That is defined as authorisation user on third party phone)


 the password field on Polycom is the password field on end user configuration (not pin not digest password.


Does the callmanager report rejected on phone status?


Let me know






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Ah yes, digest user not owner my bad.  It's been forever since I've dealt with 3rd party sip.


I haven't tried the user account password itself yet. The CUCM shows no sign that the phone is trying to register, it's "Unknown" not rejected, the CUCM syslog has no log of any type associated with the Polycom's MAC address.

Looks like a pcap is going to need to be done and see if the traffic is ever making it to CUCM.  Could a firewall be blocking your SIP traffic?  ICMP might flow but SIP may not.


I've looked at the path it should be taking, the phone is only 2 hops from the CUCM, and there are no ACL's/Firewalls that should be touching any SIP traffic. It should be getting classed by QoS, but there is an extreme abundance of bandwidth on the path. ICMP and NTP are getting through to the phone, and I'm at a loss as to where the SIP message seem to be dying.

Looks like I'll have to get sniffing setup on the port.


If you look at the attached graphic I pulled the PCAP for one registration cycle, which looks like it attempts then fails. This would leave me to think that the CUCM should register the phone as "Rejected" not "Unknown", but I'm still in the dark as to why the registration has failed.

Juan Bagadion

I am having the same issue. Same CUCM version, same polycom firmware.

Were you able to find a solution? Thanks.



Unfortunately no, my Polycom is still an expensive paperweight.

I was able to make it work by reloading the firmware - ( You can reload the firmware by going to the web interface of the phone. Click on Settings, Provisioning Server. Server type is HTTP, server address is (404 specifies the firmware version), then reboot the phone.


That is the firmware version that I've been trying with. I've got something else that stopping up my configuration. Would you be willing to post up your configs so I can see if there are any glaring differences with how I'm trying to do it?

here are my configs. hope these help.

please make sure to do a factory reset on the polycom. also, make sure that no other sip phone is configured to use the digest user (CUCM end user) you are assigning. i only configured the line option. please note the authentication password is the digest credentials of the CUCM end user.


Thanks for the screen grabs. I tried emulating it but I got the same lack of luck. Would you mind telling me what full version of CUCM you're running? i.e. 8.6.x.x

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