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Scheduled Trace Collection in RTMT CUCM/UCCX Issues

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Level 1

I am trying to download the log/trace files to an Asustor NAS device using the RTMT Schedule Collection. I am using the FTP service provided on the Asustor device. It used to work in the past but now it only creates empty folders. It creates the folders with the correct date/time stamp on the NAS device but the logs are not uploaded. All the folders are empty. Same outcome for both CUCM 11.5 and UCCX 11.6 servers.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Is the Asustor NAS device running FTP or SFTP? According to the documentation, scheduled collection of trace files requires an SFTP target.

You may be able to determine the specific error by looking (ironically) at the trace file about trace collection. That would be the traces for "Cisco Trace Collection Service" and/or one of the "Cisco SOAP" services (I'm not sure which one).


Hi Maren,

Asustor offers both FTP and SFTP, except SFTP uses port 2222. Although the port can be modified, it does not let me use the standard port 22.

If I change the port on the RTMT side to 2222, it results in an error as follows after clicking on "Test Connection":
Connection Summary:
Read timed out while connectiong from CUCM_SUB
Read timed out while connectiong from CUCM_PUB
Read timed out while connectiong from IMP_PUB


when using the FTP I get the following results after clicking on the "test Connection"
Success while connecting from CUCM_SUB01
Success while connecting from CUCM_PUB01
Success while connecting from IMP_PUB01


and then after clicking on "Finish"
CUCM_SUB02: Configured Successfully
CUCM_SUB01: Configured Successfully
CUCM_PUB01: Configured Successfully

The job creates folders every hour but does not upload the actual logs. All the hourly folders are empty.
Just to clarify. This use to work in the past, like the whole year last year.


<Service>Cisco CTIManager</Service>
<Service>Cisco CallManager</Service>
<ToDate>2/8/2022 6:00 PM</ToDate>
<FromDate>2/8/2022 9:02 AM</FromDate>
<TimeZone>Client:(GMT-5:0)Eastern Standard Time-America/New_York</TimeZone>