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Screen Pops In Salesforce

Jerad Medina
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Level 1

We are currently deploying a hosted version of's CRM. I already capture the customers caller ID in my UCCX scripts. I am looking to use that to access the client record in SF. Seems simple enough but I am having a hard time finding a solution.I have read all over the communities about CTI connectors and have even asked the question to Calabrio (CAD designer) and SF themselves. I am getting conflicting stories. Calabrio says a CTI connector is not needed and this can be done via a Cisco Work Flow. SF says a CTI connector is necessary. Problem is all off the major ones come with an embedded softphone. I am not totally against it but we recently invested in softphones for are call centers. So, if I can just get access to the SF cleint record from the caller ID I already capture. That would save a lot of headaches.

If anyone has acomplished this via a UCCX script or work flow I would greatly appreciate a nudge in the right direction. We are on both CM and UCCX version 8.5.



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Calabrio is correct you don’t need a connector unless you want write call tracking notes to the CRM field maybe embedding call control options inside the CRM instead of using CAD

See if this link helps

For simple screen pop you can do it natively. In fact you can see this demo working on with SFDC

Also one thing with third party connectors while they may give advanced functionality people miss the fact that you still need CAD running in the background with PRE licensing since without it CSD cannot do barge, monitor, record etc. So the vision of embedding agent controls in CRM is great but that doesnt remove the need for CAD/Licensing