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Single Number Reach via AXL

Level 1
Level 1

Is it possible to configure the "Enable Single Number Reach" setting via AXL?  I can't seem to find any reference to it in the AXL API.  Is there another API that I can use for this?

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Gordon Ross
Level 9
Level 9

You can configure up SNR if you use the SQL interface and manually build all the table entries. It's not too painful....



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Thanks!  I did notice that I can successfully update that column in the remotedestinationdynamic table... I was just hoping there might be a more abstracted interface for doing it, because I don't know all the business rules around it.  

Do you know of any resources that describe what table entries need to be manually built?

Could you provide the exact sql whit what you updated the enablesinglenumberreach? I have problems with setting it to a boolean value. Thanks :)

I found the right syntax. The problem is that the default value "TRUE" confused me. It takes values 't' and 'f'. The whole update syntax:

Update remotedestinationdynamic SET enablesinglenumberreach='t' where destination='123123123'