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SRST - Phone Registration (Partial Count)

Rohit Khajuria
Level 1
Level 1

Hi All


I had an issue some days before. I have SRST activated in our environment on one site where in we have 15 phones. 


In the time of WAN Outage, our phones get registered with SRST router, but the issue was when WAN came up , only 9 phones were out of SRST mode (registered back with CUCM) and remaining 6 were remained on SRST mode, even after one hour.


So, could someone please tell me what could be the reason for the same ? That will be very helpful.



Thanks all in advance.

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Manish Gogna
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Rohit,

There was a similar issue with the 8800 series IP phones for which a bug was opened some time back

If the phones are of some other model then first check if they are using the same device pool as other phones on that site where you are facing this issue. Also check if there are any other sites where the same phone models with same firmware are working fine. If configuration wise these things are okay then you need to gather packet captures from a working and non working phone from the same site by simulating the issue.




HI Manish


Thanks for your reply. but the device pool was already checked for all the phones and all phones are in the same device pool and also the phone models worke dine with the same firmware as others. but still didnt find any answer for the same.




Hi Rohit,

In that case you need the packet captures as specified in the last post.



Thanks Manish...... I will go for it and will let you know .



Thanks again :)