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Supervise transfer is not working on Unity 7.0


Dear all,

i,m trying to activate Supervise transfer (always on hold) for voice mail users but it does not work,the caller always getting the voice mail greetings instead of being put on hold.

did anyone face an issue like this ?



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Rob Huffman
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Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi Moath,

Here is a little info just to make sure your calls and set up meet the requirements for Call Holding;

Call transfer and screening settings control how Cisco Unity handles your incoming calls from callers who did not dial you directly.

Transfer and screening settings apply only when calls are routed to you from the main greeting recorded for your organization, directory assistance, or a similar automated call handler that your Cisco Unity administrator set up to assist callers who dial the main phone number for your organization. This means that when an outside caller or another subscriber dials your extension to reach you by phone, your Cisco Unity transfer and screening settings do not apply.

About Call Handler Transfer Settings

How Call Holding and Queues Work

Cisco Unity places certain calls on hold, depending on how you have your Subscriber and/or Call Handler set up. For example:

ESubscriber has the extension of 99990. Under the Subscriber configuration in SAWeb, ESubscriber has Call Transfer set to Yes, ring subscriber's extension or Yes, ring subscriber at this number.

A caller dials into the Opening Greeting of Cisco Unity, and wants to be transferred to ESubscriber. They enter the digits 99990#. Cisco Unity then places that call leg on hold and starts to stream the music on hold (MOH) audio file from the switches...

Call Holding in Cisco Unity



Hi Rob,

i'm transferring calls from call handler on unity,so the call transfer should working,actually the call flow is as the following :

caller dial call handler number 2222,the caller get greeting message after the greeting the caller will be transferred automatically to specific subscriber ,and this subscriber is configured with supervisor transfer so that the caller stay on hold,but the caller going directly to the voice mail instead of being put on hold.



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