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Supported Blackberry models in CUMA


I am using CUMA in my environment and would like to use Cisco Mobile 7 on Blackberry devices. When I select a country (India) and service providers, I don't see any Blackberry models in Phone Make/Model (I see only Windows Mobile 6.0 and 6.1).

1) To see Blackberry devices in Phone Make/Model, do I need to upgrade my version?

2) If Blackberry supports, can you please guide me what are the blackberry models support in India to use CUMC? So that my company can procure those BB devices. It would be nice for me if I have a document which shows me the BB models support in different countries including India.



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Compatibility Matrix for Cisco Unified Mobility  Advantage, Cisco Mobile, and Cisco Unified Mobile Communicator



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Guys sorry i know its an old post,

i also read through the support matrix.

just to clear up, if your country isnt listed it means that your BB isnt supported or am i mis-interpreting?

i have the BB working somewhat (cant get DVO to work at all) but my country isnt listed so i just chose one that lists the BB. this is a lab setup with the intent to probably deploy when customers ask us to.



Select "Other" in country field and "other" in service provider then you can see the blackberry option. Blackberry supports with CUMA irrespective to country but you have to take care of the license requirement and supported models.




any ideas on what might causing DVO to be giving an error? ive been trying for a couple months now but no sucess so far.

all other features are working , Chat, Voicemail, Missed Calls, directory search and presence.

my setup is

CUMA, CUCM 8,  BES EXPRESS and a cisco router (also doing NAT translation)

ive configured the mobile identify number the same as it appears in CUMA but the mobile communicator client in CUCM  doesnt register.

ive just installed wireshark so going to take a look as well.

BTW - for country i only have listed my country and the US. for service provider if i select other for either i only have windows mobile 6.0

Hello, a.gooding, I'm sorry I don't have an answer to your question, but I just wanted to confirm that you have CUMC working with the following:

- BES Express (what version?)

- CUMA 7

- CUCM 8

- No need for ASA with UC proxy licenses

Did you use any deployment guides for this integration?


yes i have all major components working properly now with the exception of conferencing.

BES Express (what version?) -

- CUMA 7 - 7.1

- CUCM 8 - 8.0

- No need for ASA with UC proxy licenses - correct - BES Express will be handling what the ASA will normally handle. This of course is only for Blackberry phones. if you are deploying IPhones, Nokia etc you require the ASA to be able to have the secure connection.

Did you use any deployment guides for this integration? - ive used a mutitude of different guides and forums since i realized (only after i got everything working) that i really didnt understand the concepts. The url below also helped me with the initial setup.

BES was also something i never dealt with before, but it was fairly easy to setup and the BB site had a cool video setup so you really couldnt go wrong. Of course make sure the BES has Internet connection otherwise nothing with work.

i know it was a little tough for me to have this up and running so if you require any assistance ill try my best to assist as well.

My issue with DVO was a error in my configuration. i configured a SIP trunk to CUMA on CUCM and to this day im not sure why i did that.

Thanks a lot for the reply and valuable information!

In the documentation it states that you need to have BES MDS (Mobile Data Systems) for this integration, and I thought that MDS only works with BES Enterprise (and not with Express). Did you have any need for MDS ?

I just saw this, Cisco Mobile 7 (CUMC) for Blackberry has just been announced End of Life couple of weeks ago:

Is this the client you are using?

Cisco's recommended migration path is to use RIM's MVS 5.0 client. I believe that MVS 5.0 requires BES Enterprise and that it won't work with BES Express. I think that MVS client is that in addition to all the "cool" call handling features, it is just for VoWLAN calls, not even over 3G, which means that all the CUMC features like mobile presence, visual voicemail, corporate directory access, and access to office call logs are all gone? Do you know anything about this?

MDS is needed as this is how the BB connects to use the app. It installed with the initial setup if i remember correctly and im positive it is there.

also, yes, i have seen the EOL which kinda sucks. Im using Cisco Mobile 7 currently.

"Cisco's recommended migration path is to use RIM's MVS 5.0 client. I believe that MVS 5.0 requires BES Enterprise and that it won't work with BES Express. I think that MVS client is that in addition to all the "cool" call handling features, it is just for VoWLAN calls, not even over 3G, which means that all the CUMC features like mobile presence, visual voicemail, corporate directory access, and access to office call logs are all gone? Do you know anything about this?"

- Im still reading about this but i dont think this would be entirely correct. I think the difference would be that it enables the BB to be a SIP client versus what CUMA is currently doing. it also does require Enterprise. From reading as well, i think it will still support over 3G but it gives the option for WI-FI now ( this is my interpretation). The basics should still be there as it should now really be a true extension of your IP Phone.

My issue here is that im from the Caribbean and we DONT have MVS at all available. Ive sent a few emails to RIM as well and it seems as though it isnt even being considered at this time.

Cisco recommended Jabber as the new client but this would be for all the other phones with the exception of BlackBerry. Im speaking to Cisco presently to see how our region would be supported for even the next year. (since i got this working ive pitched this to a multitude of customers and im positive ill be getting some good feedback - its kind of terribly embarrassing now that i have to tell clients that what ive been working on for so long is now EOL).

Again, i have all installed on the work lab so if you need any assistance ill be will to assist. NOTE: this is actually the first time ive installed and it took me a while to get a hang of what was actually needed vs what wasnt. for instance, all documents pointed to ASA and i only installed BES to deploy the application since i was getting a permissions issue. surpirsingly, when it installed the BES everything worked, but i noticed my ASA was that's funny. i think at that time i realised what BES was actually know a lot of guys might be laughing but i then understood that the ASA and BES was one of the same when it came to BB.

you can still install the BB client using your normal BB Manager and use the ASA for communication if you can set the permissions correctly. i found it easier to get rid of the ASA and have the BES do everything - works great by the way.

i also have a Nokia E65 working but this DOES require the ASA.

Ok, interesting stuff. I'm wondering though if the MVS client on Blackberry provides Cisco presence and visual voicemail, two key features that you get with Cisco Mobile 7 for Blackberry. Have you heard anything about this?

Yes, I understand that ASA UC Proxy is not needed for CUMC + BES, but we have ASA anyway for normal firewalling.

You previously to make sure BES has access to the Internet. Are you saying it should have a public IP on it, or is it ok for it to be behind firewall+NAT?


seems as though we will be at this whole night trying to figure out what MVS has to

ive looked through the docs and although i dont have a full understanding of what BES has to offer with the new versions it seems as though presence as we know it isnt there. im also not sure about visual voicemail but im sure you read through this already

Also, this is a read up (dated 2009) that says BES to Presence integrates and has nothing to do with MVS -

"In the RIM architecture it is difficult to separate the BES from the MVS. For example, RIM can extend presence status to the BlackBerry mobile, but that is provided through an interface between the BES and the Cisco Unified Presence Manager. The MVS has nothing to do with it and the user can get presence even if they don't have an MVS".

i also was just looking through this

As for the BES server, as always, it should be protected. My setup is a separate Lab so ive been playing with and without ASA. because of all the issues i was having i had to elimate a few of the security measures i had in place. of course, this wouldnt be so in a production environment.

a.gooding, I just finally got around to working on this. I got iPhone + ASA TLS + CUMA working fine (althought I'm still getting "Meetings - Unauthorized" service in iPhone CUMC, but I think it has to do with CUMA 7.1 not supporting MP 8.0)

Regarding Blackberry. We are going to use CUMC 7.1 + BES Express 5 + CUMA 7.1 + CUCM 8.5.

Question for you. Is this document all we have to do on BES Express? 5:

BES Express has been running in this networkf or a while and it's all setup with Blackberry phones and Exchange 2010 integration. Is there actually something I need to do in BES Express in addition to the document above? How does BES Express know about CUMA?


i get the same error with the meeting and i have MP 8 as well. With respect to the BES, it doesnt actually contact the CUMA directly like the adapters we configure in CUMA. its like the ASA, acting as a secure entry point into the network. from there the cisco mobile takes over with the username, url etc. You can also use the ASA for the blackberry but the reason they advise that the BES is required is to ensure that the applications, permissions etc are good on the first push. i tired using initially without the BES and had issues with granting permissions manually.

From the BES side, all i did was in the same document more or less that you have. there wasnt anything extra that i needed to do.

Ok, I think it makes sense about CUMA + MP8. Cisco moved web server scheduling functionality out of MP application server in version 8 and put it on a separate MP web server application. You no longer schedule meetings on the app server user interface, you need to use web server interface on a separate appliance (or VM). CUMA is probably not tweaked enough to be able to talk to the new web server interface. I tried specifying both the MP app server and MP web server IP and credentials in CUMA MP connector, and neither worked. I'll probably do some packet captures between CUMA and MP (it's clear text http) to see what CUMA is tried to do (which url, etc.). Why can't they just release a small update to have CUMA support MP8 and Exchange 2010 (it's still only up to Exchange 2003)?

Ok, makes sense on BES. It's basically just a proxy for CUMC. The zip file for CUMC deployment that we put in BES contains an xml file with information about CUMA, so that's how it finds it. I'll be trying it this week.

MVS is kind of dead in the water for us. My client can't track down any Blackberry vendors who know MVS 5, they can't even get a quote! I think you had the same issue, but we are in Milwaukee, WI.

My main issue with Cisco is that CUMC for blackberry has presence, visual voicemail and chat, which my customer wanted, and now they just EoL'ed it not even offering some replacement, and just recommending to go to MVS, which doesn't have these three key feautures.


it would be great if cisco could chime in here right....

im currently trying to use MP8 with the Webex type 2 integration. i think they are nearly complete with building our webex site so ill see how that goes. yeah i dont think either way we will get the conferences working.

i was incorrect in my previous statement that the MVS isnt available in our region. it is available in a lot of the caribbean islands JUST NOT i spoke to a BB rep and it seems to be some issue with our local telecom laws so MVS isnt an option anyhow.

Have you researched  Cisco Jabber?

im now looking at what this does exactly. seems as though it offers everything, BUT NOT ON GSM, just hands of on GSM. seems as though if we really need the GSM feature the MVS is the only way to go.

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