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Terminating ISDN BRI circuits to UC520-24U-4BRI-K9?

Good morning

Company is using UC520-24U-4BRI-K9.

There is a need to terminate 2 ISDN BRI circuits (2-wire circuits), provided by the TEL COM provider, to UC520.

TEL COM PROVIDER, terminates each one of those 2 circuits to 2 Network Termination devices.

(Please for information regarding the topology

refer to UC520_CONNECTION TEL PROVIDER.pdf attached diagram).

So the available ISDN interface is S Interface (as  shown in diagram).

Here are my questions:

  1. Can I terminate each one of those 4 – wire circuits (ISDN S Interfaces) to the 2 out of 4 BRI ports of the UC520?

If so, could you please me provide me with guidance regarding configuration?

     2.     Otherwise, which one of the VIC2-2FXO or VIC2-2BRI-NT/TE should I install in the UC520? Any configuration guidance?

Thank you very much for your time.

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