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UC320w SPA 525g2 background image

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Does anyone know how you can add your own custom background image to the spa525g2? Before upgrading to the uc320w the spa9000 let you easily log into the spa525g2 web interface and downloand an image for you screen, now with the uc320w that part is grayed out and unavailable for change. Don't know why this seems to be so difficult. If anyone has a way to download an image to this phone to use a your main screen please let me know. Thanks

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Level 1

Just got back from cisco tech here are the steps in case anyone is interested in how to upload a picture via usb to the spa525 or spa525g2

If you are going to use a picture from the USB memory device, perform the

following steps:

STEP 1 Connect a USB storage device to your PC.

STEP 2 Create a directory named “pictures” on the USB device and copy the image files

into that directory. Image files must be between 30K and 300K in size. The phone

can only read 45 images from the USB device.

STEP 3 Remove the USB device from your PC and insert it into the USB slot on the Cisco

SPA 525G/525G2.

To change the background picture on your phone:

STEP 1 Press the Setup button.

STEP 2 Scroll to User Preferences and press Select.

STEP 3 Scroll to Screen Preferences and press Select.

STEP 4 Scroll to Wallpaper. Press the Right Arrow key to select an image to use as the


STEP 5 Use the navigation arrows to choose an image. Press Select to choose the image,

or to preview how the image will look on your phone, select the image and press

View. Press Select to choose the image, or use the Previous, Next, and Back keys.

STEP 6 Press Save.