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uccx scripting problems



I have a UCCX script that was created when I was running version 5 of CCX but now I’ve upgraded to version 8.5 and the script no longer works correctly.  I was able to get all of my other scripts to work but not this one. 

Its main function is for holidays when we close the office.   I would call it and the first thing it says “Normal business routing is in effect”, I enter my PIN, then select option 2 and that’s supposed to change the call routing so that incoming calls go directly to the answering service.

It works as far as I can call it and enter my PIN, then I enter option 2 but nothing happens, the call just terminates.  I tried to do a Reactive Debug and it just goes directly to Terminate after I push option 2. 

I’ve included the original script from v5.0 and also the updated script after I changed the DOC locations. 

Anybody have any ideas on how to fix this?

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You cannot write to the document repository unless you have authenticated a user within the script. Whether you do this interactively or hard-code the extension and matching CUCM PIN within the script doesn't matter; the MIVR engine won't write unless a User variable has authenticated.

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