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UCM 6.1(1a) LDAP (AD) User Access

Level 5
Level 5

UCM 6.1(1a) I have configured the system to access the LDAP directory service from Microsoft Active Directory. How do I get the system to allow my users to login on the ccmuser page authenticating to Active Directory?

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Jaime Valencia
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

if the integration is working fine it's just matter of permissions.

with 5.x and 6.x it's not as simple as just having them go to ccmuser, you need to assign make them part of a group which has access to the ccmuser

think of it as MLA extended, not only for the admin users who access CCMAdmin but also for end users who try to get access into CCMUser

the ccmadministrator has a role as able to log into CCMAdministration

you need to assign the end users permission to log into the CCMUSer




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Hi guys I'm 2 steps behind you. Can you tell me how to create the LDAP Authentication. I'm not much of an AD guy but my boss wants it done. I know where to go in the Admin page but I'm not sure of the options to use etc. Thanks.

The first thing I would do is to download a free LDAP tool and get with the MS boys and make the tool access the database. This gives you your search strings.

On CCM System > LDAP set up the directory and authentication using the information from the above tool. Then check the enable box on the configuration screen and then see what you get. Should be the information from the LDAP tool.