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Unity 4.2(1) Failover Problems


I was contacted about a Unity 4.2(1) problem someone was having last week.  From my initial investigation, it appears that failover is not working at all., due to the fact SQL replication is broken.  The event log is logging the error "SQL Server replication between the primary and secondary machines is inactive.  The subscription to UnityDbPublication is not active or pending.  Recreat the subscription and the publication snapshot to restore replication.

When I go to the UnityDbPublication:UnityDB under Publications in SQL Server Enterprise Manager, I get the error "SQL Server replication does not support nicknames, such as "." or "(local)". as server names.  Delete the SQL Server registration for this server and register it using the actual server name..

I found this article that appears to be the solution to that error:

In SQL Server Enterprise Manager, the server is named (local).  Deleting (local) will not delete the database, correct?  I don't want to crash the whole system.  Should I do this on both servers (both are named (local)). 

Is this the best place to start to repair the replication between the 2 servers?  I ran DBWalker on both servers and the primary server only logged 5 errors while the secondary server logged 307 errors (mostly missing WAV files). 

Any input would be appreciated.  Thanks!

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Does anyone know if I can just run the Unity Failover Wizard again?


Please find the below lik which wll help you to install failoveer , but please be carefull and stop the subscriber when you run failover on the publisher.

thank you

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