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Unity 4.X for Lotus Notes queries - looking for definitive answers



I was wondering if I could ask a query of you kind people. I cannot get an answer out of Cisco directly at the moment, so I am coming to the experts!!

A customer has a Lotus Notes environment at present, which they will be retaining. They wish to deploy UM, using Unity for Lotus Notes. All OK so far. However, I have some queries that when I look at the documentation gives contradictory answers. And I need to be able to sign off this solution for them. Hence this post. Could you help?

1. Is Unity failover supported in a Unity for Domino deployment now? I was sent a document from a Cisco representative that says it cannot be, but then I have found other docs that seem to say that it does, including the Unity 4.0 ordering guide. Can you confirm either way? If it does actually support failover now, what do I need to order? I am guessing I need to order an identical ECS1 server, and perhaps an FO part code?? Can you let me know?

2. Can Unity for Domino be deployed on a Windows 2003 platform? The reason that I ask is that I found the following:

Partner Domino server needs to be running Windows 2000 Server or Windows NT4.

DUCS - Cisco Unity requires DUCS on the partner Domino server and any other Domino server that homes Cisco Unity subscribers.

My customer has three domino servers (not sure at this stage whether they are in a cluster or now) and I am pretty certain they are running Windows 2003.

Can you help with the above? I would really appreciate your experience in these scenarios.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

To answer your first question - Unity failover is supported in a Unity for Domino deployment. Support was added in Unity 4.0(5), see the release notes for that version:

To answer your second question - support for Unity for Domino on Windows 2003 was added in the just-released Unity 5.0(1). Unfortunately it is not called out in the release notes, but it is alluded to in the Unity 5.0(1) Installation Guide with Lotus Domino, where you are given the option of installing Windows 2000 or Windows 2003:

as well as in the System Requirements where there is no longer a caveat stating that Unity for Domino is only supported on Windows 2000:

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