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Unity Assistant and Multple Unity Servers

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Level 1

Question: a customer will have multiple Unity servers, each digitally networked to one another. Unity 4.0(4) allows for subscriber logins via the TUI to be redirected between servers. How (if at all) does multple server functionality apply to the Unity Assistant? If I as a subscriber on Unity server B attempt to login to Unity Assistant on server A, will A redirect me to B? Or, must I know to login to B to start with?

Thanks in advance.

Jerry Steinhauer

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


Out of the box, the behavior is that you need to know to login to B. However, you can create a simple ASP based redirector that will lookup a user's home server and redirect to it. The following tech tip for Unity 3.x can be applied to Unity 4.x as well with slight modifications that I detail below:

The code in the tech tip is missing some comment markers and a simple copy/paste won't work - you'll need to add comment markers in the right places - but that should be obvious when you read through it. However, a copy of this code may also be available on your Unity server in the /web/AA directory as GlobalAA.asp. The web/aa directory is obsolete in Unity 4.x but is still bundled in the installer. Please do not try to point your browsers to AA, just pick up the GlobalAA.asp file :) Now follow these steps:

1. On your Unity servers, create a directory: \cscoserv\ciscopca\redirect

2. Copy GlobalAA.asp as default.asp to the above directory

3. Modify the redirect statement in default.asp to this:

Response.Redirect "http" & "://" & strServer & "/ciscopca"

4. Launch 'Internet Services Manager', find 'Default Web Site', right click and select new 'Virtual Directory'.

5. In the 'Virtual Directory Creation Wizard', set the following:

Alias: 'cpca' (or whatever you want it to be)

Directory: \cscoserv\ciscopca\redirect

Access Permissions: Read and Run scripts

6. Find 'cpca' under 'Default Web Site', right click and select 'Properties'

7. Go to the 'Directory Security' tab and make sure 'Anonymous Access' is UNCHECKED and 'Integrated Windows Authentication' is CHECKED.

That should do it. The global URL to get to CPCA would be /cpca, where follows the same conventions mentioned in the TechTip.

The TechTip will be cleaned up and a new version will be published on CCO when its ready.




Many thanks! This was just the sort of solution I was hoping to find.


Hi Anurag -

Would you post a link for non-Cisco partners? I believe this would be a good solution for our future customers, where we'll have multiple digitally networked Unity servers, but different customer departments in the County. It would make it easier on our customers to remember only one link.