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Unity Conn 9.x and Gmail

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Is Esnatceh still required to support synchronization of voice mails (delete, read, etc) between for example Gmail and Unity Conn? I've read in the latest design guide that voice mail notifications are now supported with HTML (Intelligent).  What does this mean as far as synchronization? Does it have to do anything with the actual synchronization or is it purely for notifications?  Thanks in advance for any help/clarification!

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Level 5

The Intelligent notifications is a nice feature but this doesn't sync the message in the way that UM does. With the Intelligent message you have to be on the same network or VPN into the network with the Unity connection on it so it can stream the message to the PC.


Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Unity Connection integrates natively only with MS Exchange / O365 for Unified Messaging.  When integrating to Gmail a third party solution like Esna's is required for Unified Messaging (syncing of voice messages and states of voice messages).

Many customers have used Intelligent Notifications (IN) to provide HTML marked up SMTP notifications to non-Exchange mailboxes providing a closer to UM type of experience and giving subscribers an easy way to both know they have a message and be able to play it back easily from that message.

These notifications are fully customizable and can include not only the links to play that specific message with a single click but can also include dynamic images (referenced in the HTML) which do reflect the actual message state (read / unread / deleted).  It is very important to note that this method also supports playback of Secure Voice Messages.

As mentioned previously, the clients opening the IN message do need to be on-net (VPN'ed in / have access to the Connection server) to both stream the message and show the images. 

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When you say "When integrating to Gmail a third party solution like Esna's is required for Unified Messaging (syncing of voice messages and states of voice messages).".

Does this work ? :

- Customer has a gmail messaging.

- He has CUC with intelligent html notifications.

- The customer is always on site, inside the firewall and never mobile.

- Does the MWI synchronize when the message is read ?

If yes, when does the Esna solution is useful ?


UM and IN are two completely different things, can be used in conjunction or separately...

Unified Messaging syncs the actual voice message in your e-mail inbox - if you open the synced voice message from your e-mail client the voice message on the Unity Connection server is marked read.  In the same manner, if you delete it, it is deleted of the Unity Connection server.  The message (as long it's not secure) is also attached to the synced voice message as a WAV file and can be played by the client or default media player.

Intelligent Notifications (IN) are just HTML marked up e-mail notifications sent via SMTP - it is fire and forget.  When you open that IN e-mail from your mail client, nothing happens to the voice message on the Unity Connection server.  If you delete that e-mail, nothing happens to the voice message on the Unity Connection server.  To play the message, you have to click on the embedded link which then invokes the Unity Connection web based mini-Inbox player which streams the message from the Unity Connection server (just as though you opened the normal Unity Connection Web Inbox and played the voice message).  When you do that, the message is then marked read on Unity Connection.




Thanks for your answer.


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Level 4


To put it simply. Yes the Esna solution is the middleware component that will provide true Unified Messaging to your Gmail platform  The product will also provide calendar integration, phone presence and intelligent contact management within the gmail UI 

I deployed this recently and can answer any questions you may have



Level 4
Level 4

For what it is worth, Esna is not the only solution for integrating Unity Connection with Gmail.  Donoma Unify for Gmail is a Cisco third party solution that has passed Cisco IVT (and is available via SIP program) provides a very scalable solution that integrates too with Cisco Jabber and CUPS:

  • dynamically synchronizes Cisco voicemail into Gmail
  • message synchronizes in 3-5 seconds with minimal bandwidth/server resources
  • virtualization ready - certified Cisco UCS ready
  • scales to 5,000 users per physical or virtual server - up to 100,000 users
  • requires no end user set up
  • Ready to support UCN10 now

You can learn more on its Cisco Marketplace listing or visit our website.  We work through Cisco Resellers and are happy to provide demos.