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Unity Connection 8.5 - issue with alternate greetings and locales

Scott Jones
Level 1
Level 1

Some of my users have reported issues when recording an alternate greeting to use, and the locale is set to something other than US English (in this case UK English).  The greeting fails to play unless it is set to US English, even though the standard greeting is set to UK and plays fine (I've heard rumblings of a similar issue with my French users as well...).

I know there was a bug in UCxn 10.X, but I'm striking out finding anything on 8.5. 

Has anyone come across something similar and how have you ended up addressing it?

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Level 1
Level 1

We never experienced this with CUC 8.5 however we just recently upgraded to CUC  9.1.2 su3 and are experiencing this issue with non- US English languages.  Is there a fix for this?  Due to my non-existent multilingualism, it is difficult at best to troubleshoot this solution.