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Unity Connection - A subquery has returned not exactly one row.

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I recently had a Unity Connection Publisher go down and my Subscriber go down as well. When they came back up a realized that they were not communicating with each other due to a bad DNS record. I changed cluster settings to find the subscriber using an IP address and they are now acting as intended, Publisher/Subscriber. However when trying to modify some user information(mainly resetting passwords) I recieve the error " A subquery has returned not exactly one row." Any ideas? I'm leaning towards this being a database issue. Is there a way to repair the database?




UPDATE: I cannot make any changes to said users. When I try to change anything on them I get thrown a "database.error.-284".

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David Hailey
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Definitely sounds like a database issue that may be caused by a bad host file/reference in replication (not sure the nature of your DNS issue so this is an educated guess).  The first thing I'd do is log into the CU Admin page of each server separately and attempt to modify a user to see if you get the same behavior on both servers or just one.  I'd also check the DB replication and CUC cluster status as well.  You may be able to simply stop/start replication but you may need to use the overwrite DB command to clear things up.  Never a bad idea to open a TAC case when you have an issue like this as well.


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