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I tryed to install Data Store 2000 from Demo's CD but realize that i need full worked MS Exchange Srv 2000.

Is't right? I want to have at the same machine Unity and Exchange Server. Is't necessary to install Exch Srv 2000 from MS install CD?

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Markus Schneider
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

The data store 2000 CD should be SQL server, not Exchange (it needs both). You do need Exchange2000 for unity to work (also supports Exchange 5.5 or domino on a different server), whether it comes from your own copy of Exchange server or from the Message Store 2000 CD we ship.

After install from the Message Store 2000 CD i didn't found full version of Exchange-

from services i have only Microsoft Exchange Managment ( not Exchange Store).

When i started PermissionsWizard.exe it said that utility couldn't find Exchange server.

yes, i did it :

- /forestprep, /domainprep and after it - setup.exe where i choosed Exchange Server and Managment Tools - it's all finished without problems. After it i started Exchange System Manager - and Administrative Groups empty.

During perfom Cisco Unity Permission i recived message:

"The Cisco Unity Permission Wizard could not find any Exchange 2000 mailstores. Verify that the account you are logged on as is a Full Exchange Administrator or memeber of the Enterprise Admins Group."

I don't have Full Exchange Administrator.

The Data Store 2000 CD is a regular MS Exchange 2000 CD. There's no difference except for the label. I would pull up the Exchange system manager on the box and see what (if anything) is installed, Exchange-wise. You should see the Exchange server and the default mail store. If not, something wasn't installed correctly. But the software is definitely on that CD.

I found my mistake, thank you!

I have other question : During Unity intstall i recived message that setup couldn't install Skinny TSP and offered me to reinstall it later. How to do it and there to find SkinnyTSP setup files?

Did it say why it wouldn't install the TSP? Usually this is because Unity is running. Either way, you can go to the Unity CD1. There's a Cisco folder containing the TSP setup. You can re-run it at any time.

There is not reason why it failed. It was during first Unity setup. Could you please say exactly what should i started - i didn't found .

When i start Properties-Utim

i recived next message:

Unable to load the Cisco Call Manager ( Skinny) TSP ver. Unspecified error.

Error context: The system cannot find the file specified.: Provider File Name="*skinny*"


I tryed to start SkinnySetup and get message-

"Could not find installation text. This setup may be missing the file AvSkinnyRes.dll. Aborting install"

The integration is done separately after the regular unity software setup. If you go to \commserver\cisco\ you should see a skinnysetup.exe (filename depends on the Unity version but in 4.x, I think, it's always skinnysetup.exe).

After start Skinnysetup.exe i recived

Could not find localized TSP resources

Could not find installation text.

This setup may be missing the file AvSkinnyRes.dll. Aborting install


could you tell me what was your mistake about cause I have this issue.