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Virtualizing Unity Connection vCPU Details


I want to install an active/active pair of Unity Connection 10.0(1) for 5,000 users.
I'm not yet entitled to the software and therefore can't download the OVA, even though the docs state the OVA readme should be referenced.  From the info available, I have gathered the following but I'm confused on what is required from a CPU stand point.

I should mention that I want to run these servers on two different blades and chassis (not just 2 different blades on the same chassis).  If that matters for this topic or not I don't know.

The table here states that this deployment would require 2 vCPU:

The notes here confuses me.  How does this tie in to the vCPU requirement?  And another question is when they write "per physical server" should I take that to be the same as "per physical blade" or do they mean "per server" as in per VM?

"Requires reserving one physical core per physical server"  <--This is the note for the 5,000 deployment, which I would have thought should have read reserving two physical cores per server based on the info fro the previous link???

see co-residency policy -->>

"CPU reservations on the VMs are not required, allowed or supported. Use of CPU reservations in lieu of one-vcpu-to-one-physical-CPU-core mapping is not supported."
Even the example under this section about 4 physical cores didn't clear it up for me.

I just want to know if I want to install an active/active pair of Unity Connection 10.0(1) servers for 5,000 users, how many physical cores does each VM need if the two VMs are not located on the same blade or chassis?

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Jaime Valencia
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

3 vCPUs in each blade, 2 configured via the OVA and the idle CPU required on each host that has a CUC VM.
So, once you deploy the OVAs, your vCPU count will be minus 3 for sizing purposes of other apps on that blade.

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