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CCM 4.2 CDR Database Empty

Hello Team,

I am facing on issue with respect to Call Details Records.

We had a power outage in our Datacenter, after which i saw that i am not able to get any CDR Reports after that day. We use Sigma5 (Nevotek) product for billing reports.

After digging further, i found that the CDR Directory in C:/program files/CallDetail/ was converted automatically from a Directory to a File with no extension and 0 Kb.

I renamed that CDR File to CDR.old and created a new directory. AFter which i could see any new calls being made from any extension was creating CDR file in the  newly created CDR directory at the same path as mentioned above.

Still i was not able to see any reports from CDR Tool.


Further troubleshooting the issue, i found that the CDR Database in SQL was empty.

Can somebody help in fixing this issue please?


Manmohan Singh

Cisco Employee

Hi Manmohan,

Please check the following:

a) Make sure you have the following parameters in the PUB and the SUB:

Service -->Service Parameters:

1. CDR Enabled Flag -->True

2. CDR Log Calls with zero duration flag-->True

3. Call Diagnostics Enabled -->True

System-->Enterprise Parameters-->CDR Parameters

1. CDR File Time Interval: 1

2. CDR format: CDRs will be inserted into DB

3. CDR UNC Path: \\\CDR

4. Cluster ID: StandAloneCluster or the name of the pub, when there is more than one

server in the cluster.

5. Local CDR Path: C:\ProgramFiles\Cisco\CallDetail

6. Off Cluster CDR connection string: leave it blank!

b) Make sure these services are up and running:

* Cisco Database Layer Monitor

* Cisco CDR Analysis and Reporting Scheduler

* Cisco CDR Insert in PUB, if it is running in the SUB, there will be errors in the app


c) If the parameters are all set and you still experience this issue here are the steps

you have to follow. We are going to force ART to get all the CDR data into ART/CAR during

the next scheduled loading time.

The scheduled loading time is under CAR-->System>CDR load.

1. Go to programs > SQL Server > Query Analyzer

2. Login and select ART database

3. Run the following queries(2 times):

     delete from Tbl_Load_History

     delete from Tbl_Dump_PkID

     delete from Tbl_Error_Id_Map

     delete from Tbl_Billing_Data

     delete from Tbl_Billing_Error

     delete from Tbl_Dump_CallDetailRecord

     delete from Tbl_Dump_CallDetailRecordDiagnostic

NOTE: Make sure you select art DB in the dropdown menu in the query analyzer. If not you

will see this error:


Server: Msg 208, Level 16, State 1, Line 1

Invalid object name 'Tbl_Load_History'

When running these queries you will get something like: "0 rows affected" for each query.

After running these queries and after the scheduled loading time please verify if you can

run the reports.



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Regards, Tere. If you find this post helpful, please rate! :)

Thanx alot for your response.

The sharing of CDR directory in c:/program files/cisco/calldetail wasnt there. As i recreated the CDR Directory but missed to share it.

The above explaination is really helpful for my understanding. Thanx a alot

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