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Paulo Dobles
Cisco Employee

Cisco Unity Connection 8.5 PIMG integration.

Hello Experts

My customer has PIMG integration with Cisco Unity Connection, users can access their mailboxes after creating a direct routing rule with the search scope where this users are located to send the call to "attemp sing in" conversation this part is working fine. Now subscribers do not get the user's mailbox when reaching FNA,Busy or RNA they are going to the "welcome to Cisco Unity Connection Messaging System from a...  default greeting. Using Remote port status monitor I can not see the call coming in,but I am sure the call is getting to that server. I will like to know what traces I can enable to get the extension that is being sent by PIMG or what else I can check on the Unity connection server to resolve this issue?

Thanks in advance

Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi Paulo,

I'm curious what system you are doing the PIMG integration with? We use PIMG's

with Nortel CS1000 and didn't need any Direct Routing rules set up for the everything to

work properly.

If you are getting the Opening greeting you must be reaching Unity Connection. You might want to

test a Forwarded routing rule for one of the problem extensions just to see the results



"Show a little faith, there's magic in the night" - Springsteen

Hi Rob

I  configured the Direct Routing to send the calls to conversation "sing in" because the customer has multiple integrations and duplicated users with same extesion,  he was getting "invalid username and password" everytime they try to log in, meaning that the user was in different CSS and the existing Direct Routing Rule did not have this CSS in the Search Scope.Maybe in you case you the users were not sorted out by CSS.

I am pritty sure they are using Nortel phones,but not sure what exact version.

Thank you for your response.I will try to configure a Forward Routing rule to send the calls to and specific user'extension base on the calling number to see what happens.

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