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Incomplete Unity Migration using COBRA tool

Recently we have migrated Cisco Unity from 4.0.3 to Unity Connection 8.0.3 using COBRAS tool. After a successfull migration we have checked all the voice mails of users and confirmed to be working fine. After few hours we have started getting complaints from users that who ever is leaving the voice mails are unable to hear user recorded voice prompt (Users have recorded their name during the voice mail setup). This part is missed out from COBRA tool. I just wanted to know is there any way to achieve this? or there is no option in COBRA tool for this. Please let me know if this can be resolved.



Regards MAC

Incomplete Unity Migration using COBRA tool

Your replies will help us to resolve this major issue

Regards MAC

Incomplete Unity Migration using COBRA tool

Hi Mohammed,

Please try the below option once and see if it helps.

Cisco Unity Connection Grammar Statistics Tool

The Grammar Statistics tool shows information about all of the dynamic name grammars that are used by the Cisco Unity Connection voice-recognition conversation to match caller utterances to the names of objects on the system (for example, user names and alternate names, distribution list names, and so on). When administrators add or change names on the Connection system, the names are not recognized by the voice-recognition conversation until they are compiled in the grammars.

For each name grammar, the tool displays information such as the finish time of the last grammar recompilation, the total number of unique items in the grammar, whether there are updates pending to the grammar, and whether the grammar is currently in the process of being recompiled.

By default, Connection recompiles grammars when administrators add named objects or change object names on the system (unless a bulk operation is in progress, in which case Connection waits ten minutes for the operation to complete before recompiling the grammars), or when there are more than five changes requested in the space of a minute. If the grammars have grown to the point where the name grammar recompilation process is affecting the performance of your Connection server during busy periods, you can modify the default Voice Recognition Update Schedule (under System Settings > Schedules in Cisco Unity Connection Administration) to limit the times and days when the Connection voice-recognition transport utility can automatically rebuild the voice-recognition name grammars. By default, all days and times are active for this schedule; if you modify the schedule but want to override the schedule while it is inactive and force an immediate recompilation of all grammars, or if you want to force recompilation during the ten minute wait period after a bulk operation has been initiated, you can click the Rebuild Grammars button on the Grammar Statistics tool.

Hope it helps.


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Cisco Employee

Incomplete Unity Migration using COBRA tool

Not real sure what the ASR grammars would have to do with voice names or greetings right off hand - that would only come into play if people could not be found in the speech driven directory for some reason.

Short version is of course COBRAS handles voice names and greetings - it has for about 6 years.  Need a lot more detail - but right off hand it's not likely a COBRAS problem.  Unless you specifically excluded voice names and/or greetings for users in the backup they're restored for you by import.  Assuming you didn't do that they were put in.

Now if it was working for a while and then stopped working it sounds much more like a replication issue (i.e. you have a pub and sub and the greetings are not replicating properly to the sub and callers are dialing into the sub to get to their messages).  I've seen that in scenarios before - which of course has nothing to do with COBRAS.

The other scenario I've seen (this assumes greetings were NEVER working after import) is a language mismatch - I've seen a site with, say, UK English in the backup and their callers come into the system tagged with US English - the greetings don't get played to callers in that case - something to look for anyway but a bit more rare.

Incomplete Unity Migration using COBRA tool


Thanks for replying

During the Unity Export i did selected Greetings and Voice Names. I have also attached the screenshot. Is there anything we need to check on Unity Connection.

Regards MAC
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