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Need Help with Cisco Unity Connection Version 11.0 Licensing

Hi everyone

First of all just want to say im completely new in Voice.

First query is:

I'm going to find right SKU for voice messaging function in CUC. After reading related data sheet and other CUC licensing documents im confused.

We have more than 500 IP Phone in our network and now trying to build new Unified Communication Platform (CUCM, CUC, UCCX).

I want to activate voice mail box for all users. Please let me know what SKU i should order and how many ?

Assuming that it should be "UNITYCN11-ENH-USR" and looks like the ratio should be 1:1 between users quantity and the license quantity am i right ?

Second query is:

If we want to run a really simple IVR on CUC which license do we need and how many ?

Simple IVR task should be as flowing:

someone call from out side (PSTN) and the voice say:

if you want to talk with department A push #1

if you want to talk with department B push #2

if you want to talk with department C push #3

if you want to talk with Operator push #0

and after pushing one of those related extension number ringing !!

Also lets think we expect 50 concurrent call from outside at peak time.

I find these SKUs:


Please lmk which one is right SKU and what is the right quantity for ordering. (based on above scenario).

For your information i already read all these documents about my first query.

Cisco Unity Connection Version 11.0 Data Sheet

System Administration Guide for Cisco Unity Connection Release 9.x

Cisco Unified Communications Manager SCCP Integration Guide for Cisco Unity Connection Release 7.x

Thanks for your time and Help

Cisco Employee

Hi Manwe,

There is no separate license for Call handler / IVR setup on Unity Connection. With Release 9.x and higher the Unity Connection licensing has been greatly simplified:

  • CUC_Messaging    €”Total number of voice mail users

  • CUC_SpeechView €”  Total number of SpeechView standard users

  • CUC_SpeechViewPro €”  Total number of SpeechView professional users

  • CUC_SpeechConnectPort  €”Total number of TTS and ASR sessions

Almost everything has been collapsed under the CUC_Messaging feature. Most user features, other than SpeechView, are not licensed separately and there are no longer port licenses. This allows you to configure as many as your hardware platform supports.

More info is available here

For part numbers, pricing etc you should engage your local SE or Cisco Acct team.





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