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Unity Bulk Edit for message notification schedule

Is there a way via the Bulk edit tool to modify the Notification Schedule for a particular notification device. I have approx 350 users that I need to modify their TOD schedule

Cisco Employee

No, bulk edit doesn't allow this - you can do it via a manual SQL query, although it's a bit tricky. If you have the device name and schedule you want I can test a query for you and post it here - use at your own risk, though (i.e. get a backup of your DB first).

Has the answer to this question changed with the arrival of Unity 5? I have a customer that has a notification schedule that they would like to modify from the default M-F 8-5 to a 24hr. The message notification is "Text for Cisco unity inbox".

I have Unity 7.02 installed but I am sure it is the same as 5.b It looks like you can modify the schedule of notifications.

Randy and thanks for putting this in.

Yeah, I downloaded the latest Bulk edit tool and I see that they updated that tab to include the time schedule. Thanks for replying.

Hi, I downloaded the Bulk Edit tool too, and indeed it includes a button allowing to change the notification schedule.

The problem is that you can only make your selection field by field. You cannot select a range and select it at once by hitting Spacebar or Enter. I have to change the schedule for 4 notification devices, in 3 Unity clusters. I could click all day and hope I'm finished by tonight, or wait to see if anyone can offer a solution to this. Anyone an idea? Or a workaround?



Perhaps I'm confused - are you saying it will take you all day to update 12 schedules (4 each in 3 clusters)? Really? It's that time consuming to click the squares in the interface there? Or perhaps I'm confused about what you're getting at here.

Understood a "drag" enabled control or a range selector would be handy, but really... all day and night for 12 schedules?

Indeed, all day and night is exaggerated, you're right. Anyway, does Cisco have intentions to make work things like this one more efficiently? I really hope so...

If you're using Unity 4.x or 5.x, try the most recent bulk edit tool.

In fact, I'm using Unity 5.x, and I downloaded the BulkEdit from couple of days ago. Is that the latest version?

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