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Erick Bergquist
Frequent Contributor

Unity Connection 8.5.1 - where does 6 send call?

I have client with Unity Connection 8.5.1 and when external callers call in and leave a user a voice mail, and press # then number 6 for more options it releases call and rings a phone. I'm not able to find where that #6 is going to in Unity Connection.

I looked at port monitor in Unity Connection and it stays on the users mailbox throughout this process until it releases the call,

I know what extension it is ringing.

Issue is the unity connection has 2 companies on it and we're tryingi to get it so when someone calls into some users mailboxes part of company B and hit # then 6 it rings phone and goes to company B greeting and not ringing some phone and going to company A which is what it is doing.

Is thiere a option to set what the # option does and other options per user profile?

I know it's not really good to have 2 companies co-mingled on same system but I'm just trying to help them out here, was not involved in this setup/design/etc.

Thanks, Erick

Bradford Magnani
Cisco Employee

Hi Erick,

Yes, Edit>Caller Input options on users and call handlers govern where those keypresses take you.  You may also want to check which Search Scope and Partition these objects in UC are configured in, which could be causing you some confusion.

Otherwise, set the following Macro traces on UC

Call Flow Diagnostics

Call Control (Miu) Traces

Conversation Traces

Reproduce the problem and pull Connection Conversation Manager component from RTMT.  You can then try and follow the call.

Hope that helps,


Let me see about getting the traces, the options and caller input on the users profile don't have anything set for # or 6.

What it is, is external caller calls into Joes DID # and gets Joes voice mail, leaves Joe a voice mail then hits # at end to send the message then gets System prompt with system menu options (# to send and hang up, then some more choices, and 6 is for more options). 6 ends up transferrng them to a extension in the other company. I am trying to change option on that system greeting option 6 for the post-message/conversation menu.

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