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ESXi 5.1 threw PSOD with VIC1240 on B200 M3 in SANboot mode

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Hi Expert,

Sorry to disturb, I am recently validating a configuration of VIC1240+VMware ESXi5.1+storage array with SANboot mode, but unfortunately i hit a problem during which VMware ESXi 5.1 threw a PSOD(purple screen of death) as attached when i am running io on the LUNs mapped from the storage on the guest OS with error injection running on the background simultaneously. The error injection is simply reboot each controller in the storage array alternatively.

My setup is as follows:

CIMC Controller firmware:2.1(1a)

Adapter firmware:2.1(1a)

esxcli software vib list|grep fc

scsi-lpfc820                VMware  VMwareCertified   2013-05-26

esxcli software vib list|grep nic

misc-cnic-register             1.1-1vmw.510.0.0.799733               VMware  VMwareCertified   2013-06-10 

net-cnic                       1.10.2j.v50.7-3vmw.510.0.0.799733     VMware  VMwareCertified   2013-06-10 

net-enic                      VMware  VMwareCertified   2013-06-10 

net-nx-nic                     4.0.558-3vmw.510.0.0.799733           VMware  VMwareCertified   2013-06-10 

scsi-fnic                       VMware  VMwareCertified   2013-06-10

two vHBAs are created and connected to a storage array

I have done the following experiments so far:

-change another B200 M3 blade, still threw PSOD

-both ESXi 5.1 build 799733 and build-1065491 exhibits the same problem

-this problem consistently occur within two or three hours after EI begins

Sounds like the PSOD points to fnic, can anyone provide any enlightment as to what could be the culprit?  Looking forward to your response

and really appreciate your help.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hello ,

There few drivers that got fixed in alter versions of FNIC driver.

As per HCL, ( ESXi 5.1 + VIC 1240 + UCSM 2.1 ) , please update the driver to and verify the behavior.



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