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How to get all SEL log via restful api(redfish)

HI all,

According to the example of official website

 curl -GET
/SEL/Entries\?\$skip=2\&\$top=2 -u admin:admin123 --insecure

The upper example code can get top two and skipping two records of sel log.


curl -GET api redfish SELl api redfish SELntries/ -k -u admin:Admin123

The example code can get the top 50 records of sel log by default.


My question is:  how to get all sel log with one http "get" request?

I don't want to get the total record number of sel log, then get sel log record by record. I just want to get all sel log with one or few http request (As I know, the upper limit of record fetching in one return is 500)


I also find two questions

1. In address "redfish/v1/Chassis/1/LogServices/SEL/Entries/" , I can't find total number of record of sel log and left number of record of sel log

2. In address "redfish/v1/Chassis/1/LogServices/SEL/Entries/" , I can't find the url link to next 50 record of sel log.

3. Does Cisco support parameter "expand"?  Refer to the DMTF specification.


$skipInteger indicating the number of Members in the Resource Collection to skip before retrieving the first resource.http://resourcecollection?$skip=5
$topInteger indicating the number of Members to include in the response. The minimum value for this parameter is 1. The default behavior is to return all Members.http://resourcecollection?$top=30
$expandInclude data from links in the resource inline within the current payload, depending on the value of the expand.http://resourcecollection?$expand=.($levels=1)
$selectInclude a subset of the properties of a resource based on the expression specified in the query parameters for this option.http://resourcecollection?$select=SystemType,Status
$filterInclude a subset of the members of a collection based on the expression specified in the query parameters for this option.http://resourcecollection?$filter=SystemType eq 'Physical'
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Hi all, 

Anyone can help me? Thanks a lot!

You might want to try posting over in

I didn't see a way after doing some tests either, but maybe some of the devs over there may have better ideas.



Hi @Kirk J,

Thank you for your reply. I suggest in the future version, Cisco could add a "next-page link" or "next-page indicator" in the url "redfish/v1/Chassis/1/LogServices/SEL/Entries/" .  Thus, ,client can follow the "next" link to get next page of sel log until the end of sel log array. 

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