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UCS Central Service Profile attribute issue

Level 1
Level 1

We're just rolling out two UCS pods and using Central to manage the policies/profiles/etc. Having an issue now where I create a Service Profile from a Service Profile template, and that Service Profile does not get any WWxx/MAC information associated with it until I associate it with a blade. Upon removing that hardware association, all identifying information disappears from the Service Profile. This is not expected behavior for me, and this could be a complete user-issue on my part. Anyone have any ideas why these identifiers do not show up in the profile until it's associated with a blade, and disappear when it's not? We need to have the ability to move a profile from blade->blade in case of a hardware outage scenario, so persistent attributes with the profile are important. Thanks for any ideas...

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Niko Nikas
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee



Could you post an image of one of the vnics on the profile?

Specifically the MAC section when you have one selected.


What I'm looking for here is to see what pool is assigned for the MAC, and what it is resolving to.




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