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Adding a Local disk Config policy

I have a question regarding whether its possible to have more than one Local Disk configuration policy


My scenario is I have just purchased 4 UCS 220 M3S which have SD cards instead of local drives and we have an existing UCS blades with a policy that uses local disk Raid 1 and I need to add to this config so Flex flash state enabled but I am a bit wary of making any changes that may impact production Chassis system.


There is a policy that we use as default that uses the Local Disk policy Raid 1 settings, and the service profile template I have created for UCS 220s  is a copy of  our production blade policy so If I make a change on the UCS 220 Service profile to use a different local Disk policy which would be for SD Card will it have any impact ??

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

Cisco Employee


Just enabling the flex flash on your local policy doesn't cause any impact on any of your servers so it is safely to apply it even though this policy is used by your c and b series servers. 


  But if you want to use a new policy  and you only want to add this change to your c-series server, you need to make sure that your service profiles are not bound to an updating template because you will need to unbind them before you can apply make any changes to the service profiles.

to answer your question:

"its possible to have more than one Local Disk configuration policy?"

it is possible to have multiple local disk policies created in UCSM, but you can't have multiple policies associated with a template.


Let me know if this helps.

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